This morning I read a Facebook post where some actor was going to drive 3+ hours stand in line with God knows how many others for a chance just a chance to be in a “Hollywood” film, thinking they said this be a big break for them a shot to go to Hollywood.

I do not know what made me more upset that this poor fool truly thinks that anyone goes to Hollywood this way or once there it’s not a big fight day after day, to make the money acting to pay the rent.

Perhaps more so that IMHO He be far better off investing the time/energy/resources in creating something ANYTHING that using the tools via the internet could show his work to anyone with a connection to the Internet.

Is it fear? Is it not having the equipment needed? The skills?  Maybe all the above

So why not form a Co-Op where you gather like minded folks and see what you can do?

Perhaps you take turns on doing the jobs needed on a film set, is not having an idea of all that is needed to make a film a good thing to know?

Your first few efforts might suck maybe you hit one out of the park right of the bat.

Maybe its safer to drive and say your following your dream then to create your dream DYI

Maybe I need to take my own advice… I think I will.


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