Lucha Underground the show YOU need to see

First what is Lucha Underground: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Lucha Underground is a professional wrestling television series produced by United Artists Media Group. The weekly television series airs in English on the El Rey Network and in Spanish on UniMás, featuring professional wrestlers from the American independent circuit and Mexican wrestling promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA).

You can see this show if you have Time Warner on El Rey Wednesday nights at 7 CDT and On Demand you can also see old shows on You Tube

Being a big fan of El Rey I caught ads about this on another program on El Rey Matador after seeing the ads I knew I had to see this show at least once.

Mother of God! Do I love this show! Now I was not a WWE sport type fan, however, I see  Lucha Underground as far more then just a cheep knock off of The WWE (and we see lots of that)

I see great writing fantastic plot development, with allowing what I can only say is fighters from American wrestling shows being able to get payback by being allowed to shine as stars interacting with fans doing something they (the fighters) love doing.

In this part I see Robert Rodriguez   (mind you I see him in the plot lines as well) and the way he and his good pal Quentin Tarantino use actors who have not been around much in films new opportunities in projects, I see the same thing with this show with some of the America fighters.


I Love love love how fantastic themes run in the show such as duty, honor, tradition, and respect.

All interacting to create a Universe that I so much would love to be part of.

Oh did I say the Women are MEGA SUPER HOT! Sure do a great job in the ring as well.

I very much  appreciate the Tejano themes in the show, that is very cool to see and reflects on my values as I listed above.

In fact I hope that as youth watch this show they come to see those values within there homes and within them.

Please check out Lucha Underground I think you will not be disappointed




News on A Night of Horror Film Fest

For Immediate Release

Today Dr. Bertram, Director of A Night of Horror Film Festival announced the appointment of Wayne Clingman of Indy Film Wisconsin as editor of the newly created Newsletter for A Night of Horror Film Festival.

“This newsletter along with A Night of Horror Film Festival website will serve as a way to stay in touch with our fans around the world year round” said Dr. Bertram. He also included “Mr. Clingman founded ‘It Came From Lake Michigan Film Fest’. He advocated for the Film Wisconsin Tax incentives program, and has a vast background in media, which shows a great understanding not only of cinema, but the creation of a fan base and effective use of social media.”

Others well known in the Indy Film world have expressed similar thoughts:

Rodney V. Smith, Indy Filmmaker from Toronto said “Conscientious, accurate and serious, Wayne always takes his work to the next level.”

Adam Stephen Kelly, an Indy Filmmaker and Journalist from England, echoed Mr. Smith by saying
“Wayne has been an incredible advocate for independent film across the globe for many years now. His dedication and support is unrivalled. His latest platform is in extremely good hands.”

Mr. Clingman, said of his appointment “I would like to thank God, along with Dr. Bertram for this opportunity to give back to the film community for all they have done to provide good entertainment for us all.”

For more information please contact Mr. Clingman at
For more on A Night of Horror Film Festival please visit:

The Director’s Chair

All the time I hear others ask how do I do X, How do I get started,  why is this so hard?

Myself I tell them see what, how others have done what you seek to hear what they have to say, take lots of notes.

The best place  I have found to learn from is You Tube for Film Makers I find that this show if you can not see The Director’s Chair on El Ray is of course to see the show on You Tube

This show has Robert Rodriguez talking one on one with other iconic directors in a no holds discussion on themselves the movies the they have made and ideas on a range of subjects.

Myself I have leaned quite a bit from seeing this show I expect that you will as well.

Here is one of the shows that you can watch and learn from

Rodriguez Interviews Tatantino


Be shocked if you did not learn something to better yourself when it comes to the Film Business or even in life.

I ride with El Ray

By now I hope you have heard of El Ray Network. This Network was created by the one and only Robert Rodriguez you know him from films like Dusk to Dawn to the Spy Kids Films.

You may recall he did his First film El Mariachi, that he would redo as Desperado and bless us men by showing us Salma Hayek Oh yes !!

In 2013 he started The El Ray Network,, in doing so he has changed Television for all time.

I will not take up your time by telling you about the Shows that one can find here other then to say they are very good very very cool and best of all cater to the wishes of the fastest growing segment of America’s population that being the Hispanic youth segment say 14-25 take note young Jedi Mr. Rodriguez is doing for one and only one reason and that is to make money.

You must understand that this population wants content that servers them tells the stories that ring true and does not treat them like well shit.

After watch the El Ray Network you will I think have to agree with me on that.

Check out El Ray watch the shows you can find, see his old films on Netflex get the rest from your local retail outlet.

After doing so myself I think about what content that you might offer to this up and very growing network.



From time to time I come across a link to someone crowdsourse project 90% of the time a film sometimes a Comic even folks trying to start something like a garden or other project they are trying to get going.

Heck I even have tried this a time or two with mixed results, I will take a sec to share my ideas/thoughts on this sort of idea

1) Fact is no one cares about your project other then you.

2) If you can tell others why this matters TO THEM, perhaps they will help. This is best done by a compelling story of why this matters.

3) Make sure the story is clear, myself see if a 10 year old understands the story and if said story is gripping to them. If the 10 year old cares about this then others might

4) You will have to pimp this project all the time on Twitter-Facebook etc. I do mean all the time

5) You WILL need a team to help not only to also promote the project BUT interact with this team during this fund raising effort.

6) When you look at the numbers of the amount needed do not forget a) Taxes the funds are income 2) Cost of perks

7) Communicate to your backers all the time. You can not communicate too much. Should this effort fail communication will be critical

8) Have a plan should the fund raiser fail or the overall project fail

9) I am a big believer in the SBA program called SCORE this is free and the retired business leaders you will will find there can be very helpful with your efforts

10) IMHO try to have 5 others who will help tweet etc this EVERYDAY yes others will bitch about you promoting your project yes this will get to you have a pal you can vent to you will need it.

11) See 8) above

12) Many may not have the $$ to donate but are more then willing to share you links on the net, be sure to thank them

13) before I forget your fund raiser should have a press campaign of its own.

My biggest hurtle has been understanding that no one cares and why should they? We must be sure we can tell the story of why we are after all story teller right?


Opportunity a chance to do something great something fantastic something cool perhaps.

In this case it’s being part of Night of Horror Film Fest in Sydney yes Sydney.

Long story on how this came about, a lot of it to do with being kind and grateful.

Bonus, is being able to work with a great guy like Dean Bertram a man’s man perhaps the reincarnation of Errol Flynn.

Its not every day hell every year that one has the chance to work with a man of his caliber, an amazing guy.

My role is that of Sales Rep/Special Projects manager, boy do we have some Special Projects lined up.

The idea to to do more far more to create opportunities for both film makers and fans of film alike.

I have ideas and very much welcome the opportunity that Night of Horror Film Fest gives me.

With hard work opportunity can bring great things far more then waiting for the check to come in the mail.

I do like this short bio they used for the program guide, “.. Wayne started his trajectory into indie cinema with Amiga Video Toasters in the 90’s. He has worked in cable television, and helped write/pass the first Wisconsin Film Incentives. He was the founder and director of It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival 2006-2008. Wayne  now works as a media consultant and also host’s the always entertaining Indy Film Wisconsin Podcast. He would love for you to connect with him on Twitter: @IndyFilmWis..”

Lets rock this out!

57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)

You may recall the song Bruce sings about the vast emptiness that TV can be.

Now today 2015 there is far more on but unless you well are undead far from empty.

Today I can see live news not only from America but many other Counties (and in English) not rehashed American takes of events in areas around the world but what “The locals” think with experts from that county giving thoughts on the events at hand.

I myself am fascinated to see a leader outside the USA talk of how events in that country are playing out, what long term effects might be, fascinating to say the least I gain knowledge.

El Ray (No I am not paid by them) offers a ton of programing to include talks with Directors and with a show I just discovered today  “Back Home” giving lots of Hispanic cultural thought. Wild

We can find the Cooking type shows along with many educational shows (Disguised as entertainment) that I find very interesting, more so is the idea of I have only began to explore what can be found.

I am looking forward to engaging theses shows I have found via Twitter to see what oppertunies might exist.