Network TV is dead

Talked today with a guy about doing a T.V. Show and how a Web Series would be way more advantageous to his goals then A network TV show would be not only did he quickly understand that overall the production be less expensive but far more able to provide the Content  our guy wants to bring out.

Bonus we ID.a few more ways the production could bring in revenue, this is a very good thing after all production I think needs to cover it’s own cost.

I was pleased to help this client, understand what other options, he has and the new now can not only be used to educate/entertain others but in doing so have a damn good ROI.

Dusk to Dawn the Sereis

For those who may not have seen the show Dusk to Dawn on the EL Ray Network….. Please check it out on Netflex now.

Great writing great Acting very well done, now I enjoyed the Film when that came out and there are parts that the show on TV can not come close to recreating


11aa11  And like I was saying a great great TV show far better then most on “Network” TV

Thinking you would like the El Ray Network show Matador as well.

Myself, I think what I like best is how the story line of the Brothers is being played out far more interesting with what the TV show can do with the time they have from one show to the next to do so.




Scott Pilgrim vs. the World the best moive ever.

I do like the film. Why well easy its fun and cute to watch and not only great use of story BUT the use of pop culture is wild.

You can’t beat that can you?

I must now get the Graphic Novel.

I would help if you had just a tiny bit of background in well life.

Your life is not complete until you see this film, one last thing Buckaroo Banzai is a very cool film too.

Yes I am a slug.

As you may have guessed I am not the best when it comes to updating my blog postings. As much as I have something to say all the time, I can not often put that down on paper or in this case type them up.

Not the only one in this boat, but it is a boat I must jump ship on to be more shall I say to be a writer even if I am not the best in the world, only I can say my thoughts and my ideas on all the strange things going on in film then at the same time, why not?

We all have the chance to tell our thoughts, our views, to share our ideas. Up to others if the read or even agree with them

So what the hell what are you going to do not read them?


This morning I read a Facebook post where some actor was going to drive 3+ hours stand in line with God knows how many others for a chance just a chance to be in a “Hollywood” film, thinking they said this be a big break for them a shot to go to Hollywood.

I do not know what made me more upset that this poor fool truly thinks that anyone goes to Hollywood this way or once there it’s not a big fight day after day, to make the money acting to pay the rent.

Perhaps more so that IMHO He be far better off investing the time/energy/resources in creating something ANYTHING that using the tools via the internet could show his work to anyone with a connection to the Internet.

Is it fear? Is it not having the equipment needed? The skills?  Maybe all the above

So why not form a Co-Op where you gather like minded folks and see what you can do?

Perhaps you take turns on doing the jobs needed on a film set, is not having an idea of all that is needed to make a film a good thing to know?

Your first few efforts might suck maybe you hit one out of the park right of the bat.

Maybe its safer to drive and say your following your dream then to create your dream DYI

Maybe I need to take my own advice… I think I will.

Public Relations issues? I can help

pr image


Many Independent Media creators  are too busy or perhaps do not understand why Public Relations is critical in getting the word out on projects.

Sadly many think that Facebook is all they need or perhaps Facebook and Twitter get caught up with the idea that numbers of likes or followers mean sometime.

You know the types the ones who Tweet endlessly “Buy my stuff”   On Facebook seek not to interact but only talk about them.

To me reading the postings I think not how great this project might be but more “Damn, time to put on the Boots”

I, understand the temptation to do so.

Doing P.R. is time consuming,takes time to pay off, measuring results can be hard to do. Creators may feel with all else going on its something that can wait or can pass off after all my Twitter/Facebook will do it, sadly there is more to the P.R. Game

The Good news is I can help

I enjoy getting the word out on projects I enjoy from Film,Music, Writing the wide range of Media.

Looking to have guests on my Podcast, Indy Film Wisconsin, all you have to do is ask, I see what I can do

Far more I can do and in the real world we live in we all have to make a Buck nothing wrong with that nor should ANYONE feel shame for charging a fair fee or bartering for services.

Nor am I.

Happy to talk to you about what your project needs in Public Relations. My overview would be a free will payment via my Pay Pal  once we set up a day and time for this phone consultation by Emailing

We will take our Public Relations work on your project from that point.

Everyone wants content



Even after the Big 3 Networks ABC, CBS, and NBC, The Little Networks as I call them C.W. and TBS with them, We have players who are in the Hollywood game as I call the old Good Old Boy Club in Hollywood we also have

HBO-Stars HGTV etc who are looking for content and well we still have not touched the surface

These, if I may say “Networks” are also looking for content



Amazon Prime

Direct TV

You Tube

And others.

Some are just looking for “series” others looking for films to show and some are looking for both.

I understand that even Play station maybe looking for content.  this makes me think there is a lot of opportunity for content creators of all types.